color help.

I realize I’m unfashionably late to the whole Color Collective obsession, but have you seen these wonderful things? I’m in the early stages of working on a special new room in our house, and these are my initial color inspirations. I have a feeling they will help in a very practical way once I start putting the room together. Be warned–it’s hard to resist becoming obsessed with the site.







It’s nice to finally be writing here again. My self-imposed hiatus was much needed, both for myself and for the direction of my space here, but I’m relieved it is time to come back. Things are going to be a little different here now: less trying to fit into a specific blogging community (fashion! food! lifestyle!) and more exploring the big and small things that are meaningful in my life. That means more natural living and health discussions–and definitely more spiritual talk. And there will still be fashion and food. Always.