coachella twenty-eleven.

My apologies for such a late post, friends. We had a little weather problem last night that turned into a little electricity problem today. It wouldn’t be spring without spending a few uncomfortable nights sleeping in my parents’ basement, anyway. We’re just praising God that the uprooted and snapped trees missed the houses of all my family members and our business. Several people in our area did sustain damage to their property, though.

These trees–one snapped off and the other uprooted–did land on an older building my dad uses, busting up the back corner of the roof and completely crushing a smaller shed. He was just happy it wasn’t the house.

Now, for the things that don’t really matter but make us smile nonetheless.

Coachella 2011 Fashion

Credit: Harpers Bazaar, Mr. Newton

The one on the left is fantastic: high-waisted maxi skirt, bustier, belt with a shot of color. It’s perfectly appropriate outside of the festival grounds as well.

Credit: Harpers Bazaar, Mr. Newton

First, it’s Diane Kruger. Second, love the neutrals in the midst of the often-crazy fashion choices at these events. Third, almost anyone could wear this and look cute. I wonder where she got that skirt…

Credit: Harpers Bazaar, Mr. Newton

Practicality meets style. The tank swimsuit and cutoffs keep you cool without revealing, you know, everything. However, I would probably go with the tank and a short, full skirt rather than cutoffs–just my personal taste. I do like the shade of denim paired with the blue and white stripes, though. Also love the accessories.

Credit: Harpers Bazaar, Mr. Newton

Like Diane Kruger’s look, this is a great combination of basics. The dark, oversized tee and the thick, leather belt make the denim shorts much more acceptable.

Credit: Refinery29

Gingham! This is a spot-on preppy take on the maxi skirt. Doesn’t it look fresh and clean?

Credit: Refinery29

Another breath of fresh air. Why not look a little like a lady at Coachella? Just rough it up with festival-ready accessories and messy hair.

Credit: Refinery29

I love this because I can actually see myself wearing it. The perfect mix of pretty and hippie, a textured white dress is perfect.

Credit: Elle

You’re lying if you say if you don’t want to wear that dreamy top.

Credit: Elle

My favorite. The dress, I believe, is Free People, but I couldn’t find it on their website. Again, I would wear this without hesitation, festival or no festival.

Credit: Elle

Wait! Maybe this is my favorite. True story: I’ve been trying to track down this dress all day without success. Help me!

Credit: Elle

For last, I saved the quintessential festival look. There are few places one can get away with baring the midriff–and you really must look like this girl to do it anyway–but a music festival is certainly one of those places. Adore the truly boho maxi. Adore the cropped eyelet top (Free People, by the way). Everyone should look like a hippie every now and again.

What do you think? What’s your favorite? Is anyone attending any festivals this year?


2 thoughts on “coachella twenty-eleven.

  1. Wow that was some gusty weather…I’m glad your house is okay!

    I think my favorite outfit is the dark, oversized tee and the thick, leather belt and the denim shorts, because that’s about the only outfit I can see myself wearing. All the other outfits are great, but just not my style.

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