weekend fancy I.

If you’re at home this weekend, you should click on over to:

{A Mexican Fiesta} Love meals like this–vegan or not.

{Diane Birch on Refinery29} She’s insanely cool, and her music is addictive.

{Dinner: A Love Story} I feel as though I’m embarrassingly late to the party, but I just discovered and tumbled head over heels for this blog.

{Coachella} The festival is this weekend. I am not there. Sad news. You can watch live from the website, though!

{Watch Your Back} Motivation finally found me, and I learned to use my back muscles. The chances of me demonstrating a smidgin of muscle tone may have increased to 10% now.

There are tornadoes everywhere. Praying the pup and I do not turn into Toto and Dorothy while the husband is protecting and serving the rest of the city. (Isn’t that the firefighter motto? I think it may be.)

I’m heading into the weekend with pasta, caramelized onions, a bottle of Grigio, and a Nashville night in the planner. Have a bright, wonderful weekend!


2 thoughts on “weekend fancy I.

  1. 1) I hope your back is sore from working it very soon
    2) I am now in love with Dinner: A Love Story
    3) Don’t get sucked up by a tornado!!!!
    4) Have a great weekend šŸ™‚

  2. I was definitely sore! I don’t know how I went so long doing rows and never actually using my back. I think I was always focusing on my arms when I did them. Good thing I read your blog and fixed that! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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