key west.

Yesterday, we needed more activity in our lives, so we headed down to Key West. My primary concern was going to the Hemingway Home & Museum, and I truthfully was not sure how much I would enjoy the rest of the island. Key West, of course, has a raunchy, party reputation, and that is not my idea of a vacation. After a few hours, however, I was successfully converted by the Conch Republic. I found Key West could be quaint and leisurely (as long as you avoid lower Duval). B&Bs are tucked cozily into side streets, small cafes offer open air dining, and nearly wild plants dominate the town landscape. I wanted to snag a room in the quiet section of town and spend a day or two just ambling around.

The trolley system we used to get around the island, Old Town Trolley, was nice but crowded. We paid a hefty price, but there were 12 stops throughout Key West where we could get off and on. It worked really well for my grandparents, who couldn’t walk more than a few blocks at a time, but I would recommend walking the city for everyone who can.

A brick wall surrounds the oasis of the Hemingway Home & Museum.

Excuse my tourist picture, but there were people in nearly every shot.

Seeing a piece of Hemingway’s personal book collection was one of the best parts of the museum. If you noticed my reflection, I apologize. Professional photographer I am not.

To Ernie. This made my literary heart smile.

This is pretty much overdressed for the Keys, but I was desperate to wear the maxi dress. I minimized accessories to compensate.
{Dress: Target}
{Head scarf: American Eagle, about 10 years ago}
{Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters}

One of the famous Hemingway cats snoozing away amongst a roomful of tourists.

Another snoozing cat.

Hemingway’s study, including the typewriter he used to write.

The grounds were beautiful, tropical, lush, and made you want to linger.

For lunch, we didn’t do the usual Key West thing. Instead, Martin’s caught our eye with its sleek decor and interesting menu. My Caprese wrap was wonderful lunch fare, and my grandmother’s lobster bisque was pleasantly light and lobster-y. The $5 lunch mimosa wasn’t too shabby, either. If I were staying in Key West, I would return here for dinner without question.

Butter pecan. Yes, sir.

The famous (infamous?) Mallory Square on the waterfront.

I love this picture.

Sadly, I failed to capture the most captivating thing about the island–the historical architecture of the homes and the crazy plants and trees growing all around them. It really is a beautiful place with an unexpected ambience. I’m dreaming of bringing my husband back down here sometime.

I hope to get another full post up before heading home Friday, but it may not happen. I’ll at least update with a few pictures through an email post.



One thought on “key west.

  1. these pictures are so gorgeous! And you look beautiful in the pretty dress! 😀 hahaha…what a random ‘ride’ the police officer has! it just doesn’t match 😛

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