back in touch.

Well, hello there. It seems like it has been forever. I had a bit of trouble with my wireless connection yesterday, namely that I did not want to pay for it after my free “hour” ran out short of that mark. Here I am, though, because I just had to share some of the fun. Below are pictures from my first couple days, including a trip to the beach and a blissful seaside meal.

Sunset from a little place on Marathon. I’ve become slightly obsessed with Hipstamatic, by the way.

View from the old bridge area at Bahia Honda State Park. The old, rickety bridge still runs alongside the newer Highway 1, and I get anxious just imagining people driving on it. My grandmother told me a story about the first time she came to the Keys as a child. Convinced they were going to crash into the water, her mom, my great-grandmother, told her three girls they needed to write their names on pieces of paper and tie them around their necks. My grandmother laughed at how little sense it made, but I’m pretty sure the anxiety was warranted.

Another view from the old bridge. Little islands dot the horizon, and people anchor off shore then pitch their tents on the beaches.

{Hat: Nubby Panama Hat, Urban Outfitters}
{Sunglasses: Squared Off Cat Eye Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters}

Dinner last night was at the Keys Fisheries, a waterside restaurant, bar, and seafood market. From what I hear, they keep all the best daily catches for themselves, which is why everyone flocks here for the freshest of the fresh seafood.

We ate way up there at the bar. It was basically self-service with two bartenders and one guy that just cracks open crab claws and oysters all night. Very Keys-style.

Oh, yes. Crab claws, oysters on the half shell, soft shell crab sushi. That’s a mojito in the background as well. This was just the first round, and everything was incredible. I’ve eaten seafood from the Gulf Coast to coastal North Carolina to Hawaii to the southern Caribbean, and this was one of the simplest, most scrumptious, and memorable seafood meals I’ve had. It was no-frills, but none were needed. There was a moment last night when I was either sucking an oyster from its shell or sipping on my drink (I don’t remember which) and Ray LaMontagne unexpectedly began playing through the speakers. It was a blissful sliver of time, and I knew it. That’s what vacation should be, no?

Tomorrow’s post: Key West.

It was good catching up. Thanks for stopping by!


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