brighten my day.

I’m having a bummed out day. Can I say that without sounding whiny? Nothing bad has happened. It’s just one of those days when you feel the weight of the looming difficulties in your life that typically seem manageable. I have a chronic health issue, one that significantly affects the quality of my life in a particular area. However, it is not life threatening in any way, and I’m very blessed to have found two specialists, so on an average day I’m quite optimistic. Today has been tearful, though.

What to do when discouragement threatens? Buy some books. Pack for vacation. Talk yogurt.

{1} New Kindle books:
The Paris Wife by Paula Mclain
The Whole Pregnancy Handbook by Joel Evans and Robin Aronson –> NO, I’m not pregnant. There is a discussion happening, though, and I’m just that Type-A.

{2} The Keys is one of those places where a swimsuit, cotton dress, and flip-flops could get you through an entire winter. If you’re not me, apparently.

Overpacking, you think? I can’t help myself. Intellectually, I know it’s ridiculous to pack so many clothes, but psychologically, I have this anxiety about getting somewhere and having left the perfect outfit hanging in my closet back home. Irrational? Yep. I did manage to edit it down into that rolling carry-on, so I’m calling it a success.

{3} I am newly obsessed with Greek yogurt. In fact, I feel like I’m experiencing yogurt for the very first time. After tasting the rich tanginess, I can’t believe I thought that runny, sugary-sweet, pink stuff I used to eat was real yogurt. It’s just not the same, people. My favorite is to mix in golden raisins and cinnamon. Yum.

Tomorrow, I only have 2 classes, I get to see my mom, and then the husband and I are heading to Nashville for the night so we don’t have to get up at 3:00 Saturday morning to drive me to the airport.

I’ll be checking in from Florida soon!

Lots of love from the South,


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