grass-fed beef

If you have even a minimal interest in food and/or nutrition, you know about the grass-fed/pastured beef issue. Until I read Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food and The Omnivore’s Dilemma last spring, I didn’t realize the nutritional impact of our current CAFO and grain-feeding system. There are ethical, taste, and nutritional sides of the story. After a little research, it made such sense to me. I was raised eating mostly venison, anyway, and I’ve always preferred wild game to beef. Now I know why.

While filling a freezer with wild game is fairly easy in our rural area, I figured finding pastured beef would be a challenge. We live in a small town where organics are only given about 5 feet of space in the produce section at the grocery. The solution, of course, was to hit the internet trail.

These two websites were extremely helpful in locating local farmers and some farms that ship as well:

eat wild
Local Harvest

Not only did I find a local farm in our little town, but there were several options in the Nashville area, which is where I do a good deal of shopping. Some of them offered shipping as well, leading me to believe there must be a suitable option out there for just about everyone. The drawback, of course, is price. As a full-time student married to a firefighter, I understand the necessity of conserving money. Believe me, I understand. Honestly, though, food is just not the place where I pinch pennies. I’m aware of prices and sales, but I try to save money by only buying what we will actually eat and buying less of higher quality foods rather than a bunch of cheap, crappy food. Still, regularly buying pastured meat would likely be the most expensive part of our food budget.

What about you guys? Does anyone buy pastured meat?



2 thoughts on “grass-fed beef

    • Thanks for the info! I’m still in the process of checking places out, but it’s a change I want to make soon. We don’t eat that much beef, anyway, so I think the price difference is justifiable. I’d love to check it out with you if I’m ever up that way!

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