may i recommend…

Back sometime before Christmas, one of my lovely grandmothers bought me a set of Williams-Sonoma spices. Price wise, they’re–surprise–very comparable to what you can purchase at the supermarket. After a few months of use, I can tell you the Saigon cinnamon and the wild porcini sea salt are standouts.

Truly flavorful cinnamon, perfect for oatmeal and baking. I bought my mother-in-law some for Christmas, and she loves it, too.

This goes on half of the things I cook. Seriously. Fish. Chicken. Eggs. In fact, it’s my new favorite thing to put on my daily morning eggs. There’s just enough of the mushroom flavor to make it a tad interesting.

If you cook, even casually, I recommend picking up some of the Williams-Sonoma collection. They have a range of curries, sea salts, chilies, and other interesting picks, and I haven’t been disappointed in any that I have tried.

Hope you’re enjoying a lovely start to the weekend!



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