hello, again

Well, well, well.

School got started up, and I got behind on everything else it seems. Where did the first two weeks of February run off to, anyway? I can’t be sure.

What I do know is that this day-after-Valentine’s-Day is mild and lovely here in the South. And I’m back to blogging–homework or no homework.

To pay for my unexcused absence, I give you a list of steals.

Lace shell by Gap. Casual lace. Perfect with jeans or tucked into a high-waisted skirt. I almost paid $34.50 (plus tax & shipping) for this darling last month, and now it’s listed for $29.99 online. Better yet, Gap had an extra 40% off on sale items a few days ago, so I snagged it for $13 (after taxes!). The best bargain of the month, by far. Gap regularly sends out 20% off offers through email, so sign up if you shop there regularly. Also, they’re offering 40% non-sale items every Wednesday this month.

These J Brand trouser jeans I mentioned a while back are now on sale for $99.95 at Anthropologie. I haven’t tried on this style, but J Brand never fails me.

American Eagle Crocheted Lace Vest. Not on sale, but completely worth the $39.50. It’s already selling out, likely thanks to a mention in the March issue of InStyle.

If you really want to feel good about your bargain-snagging skills, I suggest–no surprise–ebay. I go through phases with the auction site, and my searching compulsion is back in full swing thanks to a recent find of J Brand Love Story jeans for around $50. Fifty dollars! That’s worth the search.

More to come, including updates on a couple of Free People items I was pining over last month.


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