in february, i intend to…

{1} Practice yoga three times per week.

My yoga practice has suffered the past month or two, and I miss it terribly. I’m still missing my teacher from the fall, and the closest high quality studio is now 50 minutes away. By setting a specific but realistic goal, hopefully I’ll get back in the swing of my home practice.

{2} Find local sources of grass-fed beef and free range chicken.

I started eating meat again at the first of the year and have yet to research the best local sources. I know there are some within a couple hours drive, so I need to track them down.

{3} Calibrate my Nike+ sportsband.

Got it for Christmas and still haven’t done this.

{4} Create a list of the goodies I want to grow in our garden this year.

The garden is happening this year. Really. It’s time to take on the fear of this particular failure.

If you’re looking for a way to brighten up the dreary days of this month, download the charming calendar from Free People’s blog. Using my photo editor, I added in birthdays and events, then made it my desktop photo. I’m loving the soft airiness of it every time I open my Mac.

Happy February 1st!



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