Bags, Bags, Bags

I don’t need a new bag. Heck, I don’t need anything that I talk about here. But it’s all fun, right? And I’ve concluded that wanting things we don’t necessarily need is not a character flaw. It’s a natural, enjoyable part of the human experience. I’ve come to handle it by only spending my money on things I’m truly crazy about and contribute to the overall style I want my things to express. Those criteria have saved me from multiple impulse buys in the past year or so. Sometimes it means I buy a more expensive item in the end; sometimes it doesn’t.

Back to the purpose of this post: the bags. I love a good tote bag for school, work, travel, groceries, dragging stuff back and forth to the car, overnights, and whatever other needs you might experience. This spring, I’m thinking it’s all about canvas.

{1} Cooperative Tote, $48
{2} BDG Canvas Weekender Bag, $68 (also in a chic black/brown combo)
{3} BDG Twill Frame Lady Carryall Bag, $68
{4} BDG Twill Buckle Tote, $58 (comes in a yummy mustard color!)
All bags from Urban Outfitters.

With a major summer trip coming up (3 week safari!), I’m weighing my options for the perfect not-too-big carry on. Though it looks rather plain in the picture above, I’m leaning toward #4. It comes in my favorite mustard color, and it zips across the top, which is one of my requirements for traveling. I adore them all, though.


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