It’s 22 degrees in Atlanta, with a wind chill of 10.

It’s 20 degrees in Birmingham, with a wind chill of 8.

It’s 21 degrees in Nashville, with a wind chill of 10.

It’s 18 degrees here in my small town, with a wind chill of 5. And the snowflakes are still swirling in the wind on their long fall to the frozen ground.

To my fellow Southerners: I feel your cold, cold pain. It’s not that the white stuff isn’t beautiful, but don’t these wind chills just hurt your bones? We’re accustomed to a bit of winter weather, usually just enough to satiate our desire for it, but then the temperatures slide up above freezing where all you really need is a nice jacket and some gloves to be comfortable outside. What’s a girl to do when winter weather gets stubborn and you don’t have a closet full of (real) winter clothes?

Here are my new best friends:

{1} Under Armour EVO Cold Gear Tights – I ordered these for running, which I haven’t used them for, but they’re keeping me toasty in my drafty house. While I can’t vouch for them as running tights just yet, I will say they’re an excellent base layer.

{2} Uggs – Ugly, yes. Dreamily warm, YES. These are adorning my feet approximately 18 hours of the day.

{3} Knit hat – Pull one of these down over your ears and you can brave the walk to the mailbox.

{4} The North Face Denali Jacket – The classic fleece, and the warmest thing I own.

{5} Coffee and hot tea. Keep a (pretty) mug in hand.

Try and stay warm. Not leaving the house is my favorite option.



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