Spring Cleaning in the Wintertime

My general philosophy on cleaning: I have much better things to do. Such as reading magazines and trying to cook through Ad Hoc. Oh, and I just plain don’t like to clean. It’s not fun. I’m also one of those rare (I think) individuals whose brain just doesn’t register a mess until it’s overwhelming. A little clutter feels right to me. However, I can’t deny the soothing effect of a clean house. It makes me feel lighter, and it improves my productivity.

During usual spring cleaning time, I’m already camped out in the backyard (with my magazines), so I tend to skip that whole ritual. However, the student in me always gets in the cleaning/organizing/get-life-together mode before a new semester commences. Seeing as how I’m returning to school a week from today, this week is being devoted to getting my house in order and developing some new decorating projects.

I’ll be sharing my favorite toxic-free cleaners as well as some organizing predicaments later in the week. Today I just wanted to share some advice for all you cleaning phobes. This weekend, I was telling a friend, whose apartment is as neatly cute as her wardrobe, that cleaning is so hard for me. I look at the room and just don’t know what to do, I whined. Finish one thing at a time and don’t just move stuff around, she advised. Translation: Don’t pick up the dirty glasses from the living room and just move them to the kitchen; put them in the dishwasher. Don’t move the clutter from the coffee table to the side table in order to clean the coffee table; find a home for the cluttering items and then clean the coffee table. I tried this today, and it worked! I successfully cleaned my living room, kitchen, and dining room without distraction.

My other piece of advice: Crank up some music!


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