Breath of Fresh Air in Denim

I’ve succumbed to skinny jeans just like the rest of you, despite my fervent proclamations that I would never jump on that bandwagon when it first cropped up. Never say never–the greatest life lesson. My old bootcuts just seem schlumpy now, and I’ve even bought jeggings. Who even knew what those were two years ago?

There’s something on the horizon, though, something loose and flattering with no chance of making you compare your thighs to rolled sausages.

First, I spotted this on The Sartorialist.

Source: The Sartorialist

…and I swooned at the gentle ’70s vibe of it all.

Then, there was this Derek Lam runway look.




And then there was the European shot from The Sartorialist.


Source: The Sartorialist


Don’t they look sophisticated and smart and comfortable? I think yes. Here are some reasonable options in case you don’t want to spend your mortgage payment on the Derek Lam pair.


Source: Anthropologie


J Brand Seline Trousers at Anthropologie for $180. If you’re going to spend for designer jeans, J Brand is one of the best ways to go.


Source: J.Crew


Trouser jean from J.Crew for $78 (on sale). I have a pair of these from a couple of years ago, and they’re the most comfortable things.


Source: Gap


Wide leg trouser jeans from Gap for $69.50. Gap is my go-to for affordable denim, and they have an incredible range of sizes (tall, petite, maternity).

To keep from being swallowed up in the extra fabric, make sure your jeans are nice and fitted in the hips and butt before the legs widen. Also, I recommend a hem that just grazes the floor to keep the look long and lean.

More spring fashion is on it’s merry way.


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