October: What I Fancy

October is quickly drawing to a close. The trees are shedding their foliage, and I broke out the North Face to keep me snuggly and warm. Here are the things I’ve been obsessed with all month:

Minnetoka for J.Crew moccasins. I ordered these in July and am finally wearing them. Fringed perfection, I tell you.


My mom’s old turquoise ring that she let me snatch while we were going through her jewelry box. It’s exactly my taste, the silver has that vintage patina, and the stone is gorgeous. Besides, who doesn’t love wearing their mom’s old stuff?

Also fancy the black fingernail polish. There’s no time of year I won’t wear black nail polish, but it feels most “right” just when the weather is changing.


Chalkboard paint! This is my first project…cheap canisters and an old Hellman’s jar. I keep several kitchen staples along my counter in these. Thus far I’ve refrained from painting an entire wall. It would be like free art!


You want this cookbook on your shelf. I promise you do. It’s set up seasonally, and the recipes are simple and easy. I can’t stop flipping through it.


Rachael Yamagata’s Happenstance album isn’t new, but I’ve been compulsively listening to it lately. “Reason Why” has long been one of my favorite songs by her, and “1963” just feels like it contains a huge chunk of my personality. I’m not sure that makes sense, but you should listen to the album.


Spiced lattes. Chai. Pumpkin. Just give me some spice in my drink. Seriously, in general I try to limit my consumption of fancy coffeehouse productions, but this is no time of the year for that.


Thanks for reading and lots of love,



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