Cleaning Up

When talking about food, I don’t care for the connotations of the word detox. It drums up images of extreme dieting and strange concoctions of cayenne and cabbage. That’s not for me, I assure you, and that’s why I hesitate to use the word for what I’m about to do. However, it probably gives you the clearest picture of what I’m shooting for.

The latter part of the summer, I overdid it on processed foods. There’s an abundance of crackers, chips, and other treats with unpronounceable ingredients (Honey Buns!) where I work, and no amount of food-related principles could keep my eating on the clean and narrow. In theory, I find most of those foods disgusting. In practice, however…well, you know.

With my summer eating sins in mind, as well as the approaching holidays, I’m doing something of a detox. This may also have something to do with the fact that I will be spending the Christmas holiday in Palm Beach, and if cleaning up my diet were to lead to a few pounds lost, well that wouldn’t be the most untimely side effect.

For my purposes, detox doesn’t mean freaky, restrictive dieting. It means clean. If you’ve ever spent at least a couple weeks eating clean, whole foods, you know the difference it makes in your body. After quitting my job early this spring, I spent two weeks at home and did a lot of cooking. I had vegetables multiple times a day, whole grains, beans, and ate almost nothing processed beyond whole wheat bread  and tortillas. My body has never felt lighter and more energetic than it did during the two months when my diet was mostly clean. Some chronic, non-serious but aggravating health problems basically disappeared, and I felt like I could push my body during exercise rather than dragging my body through it.

I’m committing to a return to those eating habits, though I’m not promising perfection. That would be silly and unrealistic (and much too similar to the restrictive dieting I put my body through for years on end). To keep track of what I’m eating, I’ll be keeping a daily food log here on the blog, as well as posting most of the recipes for foods I’m cooking at home.

Expect more Monday morning!


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