Talulah Skincare

I fall in love with many things. Flea market jewelry. Boho sundresses. Le Creuset anything. Leather boots.Cheesecakes of every variety. Melancholic songs.

Skincare is not one of those things. It takes a lot to impress me and earn my cosmetic loyalty, probably because I’m just too finicky. It has finally happened, though. I’m in skincare love.

Talulah Skincare is a small company founded by one woman who wanted to treat her sensitive skin in a natural, healing, holistic way without having to worry about all the toxins in most cosmetics. She continues to develop the recipes and oversee the production of her products. In demonstration of how committed she is to the integrity of her products, she has refused offers to expand in various ways, which would certainly benefit the company financially but could also compromise the products themselves. Talk about an entrepreneur worth supporting with your hard-earned money.

Almost all ingredients are organic, and most of the products are vegan.

The foundation of the Talulah skincare line is cleanser, toner, morning moisturizer, and night treatment. They offer other treatments as well, and they typically suggest a different cleanser for morning and night. Their suggestions based on skin type are helpful, but I mix and matched from different categories based on the temperament of my skin. Here are the five products I’ve been using:

Vanilla Bean Rejuvenating Cleanser

The best exfoliator I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a bucketful. I use this in the morning.




Green Tea Leaf Toner

I’m not a big toner person. They make me think of tight, dry, red skin, which is the opposite of what I want. This is actually moisturizing, and the fresh green tea smell–clearly not due to synthetic fragrancing–is lovely. In the morning, I mist my face, and at night, I spray some onto a cotton round and swipe any remaining makeup from my face.


Oma Face Serum No. 1

This is the tall, dark Frenchman of my skincare love story. Irresistible. If you have oily or blemish-prone skin, don’t be scared of the serum/oil. It will be nice to you if you let it. I was admittedly apprehensive about the oily texture when I first put it on my skin. However, ten minutes after application, it soaks beautifully into skin and makes the best primer for mineral makeup. I’ve used Laura Mercier and Smashbox primers, and I much prefer this serum.

Forest Mint Creamy Cleansing Milk

A gentle, creamy cleanser that actually cleans your skin. I use this at night, and when I follow it up with toner, there is very little makeup left on my face for the toner to pick up. This does a better job than the gel/oil-reduction cleanser I used all summer, and it’s gentler on skin.



Primrose Calming Face Serum

Despite a smell that I’m not crazy about, I really like this night moisturizer/treatment. This is the one for more active skin, so it’s meant to be healing and calming. They have another night serum that’s aimed more toward aging skin as well. If you have very dry skin, you may want to supplement this with a heavier moisturizer, though. Talulah believes that serums are better for skin than lotions, which I understand, but a serum just doesn’t give the same relief to dry skin that a thicker moisturizer can. However, if you’re using a full line of good skincare, maybe your dry skin won’t feel so irritated at the end of the day.

The Cosmetics Database hasn’t researched the Talulah line yet, but I signed up so I could submit the ingredients of each product and get a report. All of the products scored around a 3, mostly because the report couldn’t identify a couple of the terms, particularly “flower essences” and “homeopathics.”

Verdict: My skin has never felt as smooth and soft. No irritation and no blemishing so far. I’m really getting behind this skincare line. Not only is it working on my skin, the company also has a holistic, homeopathic approach to health that I’m delighted to support.

Hope this helps anyone searching for new, safer skincare!



*Remember, I buy any reviewed products with my own money. No conflict of interest here.



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