I Am Not A Baker

I am not a baker.

It’s too precise. Too easy to mess up. Too easy to fail. And it matters when you fail at baking because people like their cakes, cookies, and other treats to be tasty…not hard, burnt, or of a strange consistency.

Despite these good reasons, I attempted to bake today. Two of my favorite bloggers, Jenna at Eat Live Run and Angela at Oh She Glows, are bakers, and their recipes have been prodding me toward the flour for weeks now. Just give it a little try, I started thinking. I had most of the ingredients for Angela’s Pumpkin Gingerbread, so I put on my apron and stepped into the kitchen.

This would be a good time to admit that I have a sordid past with gingerbread. As kids, my cousins and I were baking gingerbread cookies for a school project, and I put some insane amount of salt in them after misreading the recipe. They were inedible. Then I got a lecture on not being controlling and bossy just because I was the oldest. You see, I wouldn’t let any of them read the recipe because being the oldest clearly meant that I was to be in charge. I’m scarred from the ordeal, as you can tell.

Back to the present day…

Gingerbread was not kind to me once again. I apologize for the boring lack of pictures; my camera batteries are dead. However, I can tell you that my pumpkin gingerbread did not look moist and tasty like the original. The top of mine was a little too hard. The edges tasted almost burnt, even though I took it out early because it seemed done. And it was dry.

I know this wasn’t the recipe’s fault because the source was trusty. That leaves my baking non-skills to take the fall.

This is a pattern with me. Baked goods never turn out just right when my hands have been in them. Seriously, I’m trying to decide if this is a character flaw or if the secret to baking is trying, trying, and trying again.

To soothe myself I whipped up something more subjective and flexible for dinner: spaghetti with roasted vegetables. Broccoli, green beans, baby bellas, onion, garlic. Mmm. And the recipe didn’t implode because I had too few mushrooms and too much broccoli.

What do you prefer? The detailed nature of baking or more flexible methods of cooking? Please tell me I’m not the only one with a complex!


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